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07/2012 - House of Lords Adoption Legislation Select Committee

What it's about:

The House of Lords has established a Select Committee on Adoption Legislation.  The Committee is looking at the law about adoption.  It will look in particular at the Adoption and Children Act 2002 and the Adoption Act 2006.  The Committee asked for evidence on a range of matters relating to adoption (the questions that they asked can be found here).

The call for evidence closed on 19th July 2012

What we said:

The Who Cares? Trust believes that adoption has a key role to play in providing a home for children and young people who are unable to continue living with their birth family.  However, we believe this needs to be seen as one part of a wider framework to support children and young people who cannot live with their birth families rather than as a panacea for the care system.

What happens next:

The House of Lords Select Committee will produce a report based on the written and oral evidence it has received.


Visit Select Committee website

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