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Entitlements Inquiry

Pen on paper - filling out surveyFrom April to August 2013, the All Party Parliamentary Group for Looked-After Children and Care Leavers conducted an inquiry to understand the differences between what looked-after children and care leavers across England are entitled to and the support they actually receive.

The Entitlements Inquiry, run by The Who Cares? Trust on behalf of the APPG, heard from over 1,000 children in care, care leavers, and professionals.  It asked about ten specific entitlements.

It found children in care and young care leavers are getting a raw deal when it comes to getting the support they are legally entitled to.  Read the full news story here.

Download the Entitlements Inquiry - Summary report.

Download the Entitlements Inquiry - Full report.

Download the Entitlements Inquiry - Report for young people.

If you are in care or a young care leaver and you are not receiving the support you believe you are entitled to, it might be worth contacting an advocacy service.

How these are provided differs from area to area; with some charities also providing advocacy. For more information, contact the charities NYAS or Voice.



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Latest news - June 2013

We have now posted the session plans for participation workers to run group sessions with looked-after children and care leavers.  

You can download the session packs here.

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