Grow your own!


If you grow your own food, you can save cash and energy on trips to the supermarket.

And you don’t even need a garden - you can grow vegetables/fruit, herbs and spices from your front room, kitchen or even your window sill!

By popping down to garden centres like Homebase, B&Q or an independent nursery, you can invest in seeds or ready-grown plants that will keep growing produce, year in year out.

... saving you heaps of money and bringing some green into your home!

Herbs window sill




Let us teach you how to grow your own:

Fresh chillies


Tomato fun





Gardening words and terms explained:

Sow - to scatter/spread seeds in the ground.

Prune - to trim/cut plants and get rid of any excess growth.

Fertiliser - a nutritious substance that is added to soil to help things grow.

Compost - a mixture of decomposing organic substances that can be used as fertiliser.

Growbag - a bag of compost that is ready for growing something in.


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