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Who Cares?The Who Cares? Trust publishes two magazines for children in care – Who Cares? and Who Cares? Junior. Between them the magazines reach more than 30,000 young people in care. Young people in care are involved in creating content for every issue.

We treat our readers first and foremost as young people, with many of the same problems, passions, issues and questions as any young person. But we also know that living in care brings its own challenges and complexities, so our magazines acknowledge that with a balance of care-related content and material that’s relevant to all young people. A sign of our success is the enthusiasm of our readers for engaging with the magazines – every day we receive emails responding to content in the magazines, ideas for future articles, poems and letters for our agony aunt. 

The magazines inform, support and entertain young people, while helping them to feel part of an extended family of young people in care around the UK. The emphasis is on contributions from the young people themselves – providing a valuable creative outlet and a chance for youngsters to see that they’re not alone when things aren’t going so well, to feel encouraged by stories of people flourishing and being happy in care, and to be inspired by the amazing achievements against the odds of many care leavers.

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