Preparing for interviews


Getting an interview is something to be proud of! Only a small number of applicants are selected for interview so you have already done really well to get to this stage.

The most important thing to remember is that Don't forget that interviews should be a two-way process - it's your chance to see if you want to work for the company too!!

Lots of people get nervous about interviews, so this
section contains help and resources to help you make
the most of the opportunity.


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Before your interview - how to prepare


Find out the best places to look for the kind of job you want, and how to stay motivated in your search.


Interview in progress sign  


During your interview... what to expect


Tips and advice about how to ace your interview - including a guide to the different types of interviews, common interview questions and good answers and how to impress through your body language.


Getting feedback  

After your interview... getting feedback


How to deal with good, and bad, news. From advice about how to accept a job offer to dealing with rejection and how to make sure that you get constructive feedback.


Ready for a virtual interview?

Now you've geeked up on everything there is to know about acing an interview why not give our virtual interview a whirl. You'll get feedback on your answers at the end and we'll give you advice on any areas you need to work on. Start my interview...


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