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There are so many different jobs out there that choosing what you want to do can feel a bit daunting.

When thinking about what jobs you may enjoy, it can help to think about how your personality fits in with different work environments.

Have a look over the six different career types below and try to identify your own personality and interests.

The different career types:


Not sure what type you are? Play our career matcher game to find out!


Creative type  


Creators have big imaginations and like making things from scratch. You’re probably quite an emotional person, but you know how to put this to good use! You are also good at expressing yourself and love art, music, books and drama.

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Do-er type  


Do-ers are practical kinda people who like working with machines and tools. You’re good at building things and don’t like being cooped up inside all day.

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Helper type  


Helpers are kind and patient types who enjoy working with people. You’re a good listener, and like helping others with their problems. You believe in doing the right thing and are most happy when you’re able to help someone else.

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Organiser type  


Organisers like things to be neat, accurate and in order. You work hard and like to collect and organise things. You enjoy working within a system, and are good at attention to detail.

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Persuader type  


Persuaders are self-confident types! You like being a leader and making important decisions. You’re ambitious and want to succeed.

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Thinker type  


Thinkers are logical people who like doing research and exploring different ideas. You’re good at working with computers, and can get your head around numbers and data. You tend to be pretty curious, and believe that most problems can be solved by sitting down and thinking things through.

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Still not sure?

Browse through all of the different jobs on this site, or play the career matcher game to find
out which jobs would suit your skills.

Illustrations on this page by Sarah Vince

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