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Suzie Hayman

Who's the best expert on the problems of young people in care?

Our agony aunt Suzie Hayman always has thoughtful advice to offer, and has loads of knowledge about the sorts of problems young people in care can face. On the other hand, the people who understand most about life in care are often other young people in care themselves.   



These pages bring you and Suzie together. Some of these problems can be zapped to oblivion with good advice, for others there's no one right answer.  

Choose a problem, read Suzie's advice and then add your own thoughts in the comments box at the bottom of this page.  Maybe you've had a similar problem and can offer useful tips about what helped you sort it out. We'll publish the best suggestions.  

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We are really sorry but because we are a small charity we are not able to send a personal, private reply to every email we receive. This may change in the future if we get more funding to let us do more stuff with this website! But for the moment, we choose from the problem letters we receive and put ones on this website which we think young people in care visiting this site will particularly relate to and find helpful to read about.




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