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Who Cares About Education? (for young people)

Who Cares About Education? (for young people)

A punchy, down-to-earth publication that empowers children and young people in care with the tools, skills and knowledge that they need to do well at school. This replaces the 2010 version.

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Who Cares About Education? helps to level out the playing field for young people in care by equipping them with the tools that they need to succeed. This engaging and easy to read guide supports young people in care through important stages and decisions at all ages, from what to expect from their first day at secondary school to making friends, gaining work experience, tackling bullying, choosing their GCSE options and moving on. This edition also covers Virtual Headteachers, SENCOs and moving placements.

There are lots of procedures in place to make school life easier for children in care, but many young people don’t know or understand what they are entitled to – it’s simply never been explained to them in an accessible way. This publication is different. It doesn’t preach or patronize: it tells young people exactly what they need to know in a light-hearted and down-to-earth manner. From explaining what personal education plans and designated teachers are, to preparing their Pathway Plan, this booklet tells young people everything that their school should be doing to help them, and also suggests things that they can do to help themselves.

Written in the same chatty style as the Who Cares? magazine, together with inspirational quotes from celebrities who didn’t find school too easy themselves, Who Cares About Education? encourages children in care to make the most of opportunities available to them. The guide is suitable for all children of secondary school age.

Discounts available for orders of 20+ copies - please contact Claire Clifford on 020 7251 3117 for more information.

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Who Cares? about Education Who Cares? about Education - making friends

An excerpt from Who Cares About Education?:

"One thing marks out those who make it from those who don’t: education. Still, anyone who’s actually ‘made it’ could tell you that having a good education doesn’t necessarily mean breezing through school getting top grades. The truth is the people who end up being most successful in life often didn’t have the easiest time at school. In fact, in lots of cases they had to fight a little bit harder just to get what they deserved. What sets these people apart is the ability to hustle and make things work to their advantage; these are the kind of life lessons that you can take away from your time at school."

Author: The Who Cares? Trust

ISBN: 978-1-903-23937-7

Release date: 2014

Pages: 43



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