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Who Cares... about looked-after children's education? A guide for social workers

Who Cares... about looked-after children's education? A guide for social workers

A practical, hands-on guide to help social workers ensure that looked-after children get the most from their education.

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The common link for those who succeed despite their care experience is a supportive role model who has faith in the young person's abilities.

This is a practical guide that aims to give you as a social worker the full information you need to carry out this role well, and to tell you about the support that is available to help you do this.

The guide includes:

  • Key legal definitions from education and family law relating to looked-after children’s education.
  • An overview of the English education system, highlighting the key stages, exams and qualifications.
  • Social workers' roles and responsibilities at different stages in young people's education, from involvement in school admissions, through to identifying and supporting special educational needs.
  • Information about financial support that might be available.

Each section of the guide identifies further sources of help and support, discusses the other professionals who may need to be involved and clarifies their role and explains how to advocate on behalf of young people and appeal against decisions. 

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Look inside:

Section 02 - The education system

Page 19 - The admissions process Page  55 - Challenging an exclusion


Feedback about this publication:


"Research shows that success in education - more than anything else - determines whether a young person who has been looked after has a fulfilling adult life. Social workers have a vital role to play in promoting educational attainment, which is why a new practical resource like this is very welcome. Who cares about looked-after children’s education? will be useful for new and more experienced social workers alike. Clear and concise from beginning to end, it covers every aspect of looked-after children’s education and offers down to earth guidance and support."

(Dave Hill, Director of Children’s Services, Essex County Council and Member of interim board, College of Social Work)

Author: The Who Cares? Trust

Release date: 2010

Format: A4 paperback



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