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H.E. Handbook for Care Leavers

H.E. Handbook for Care Leavers

The H.E Handbook is a free guide for care leavers which sets out exactly what universities and colleges across England and Scotland offer care-experienced students.


Choosing which university to go to is an important and potentially difficult decision for all young people.

They have to think about what course to do, which part of the country to go to and where they will live. It can be an even greater struggle for care leavers who face additional questions about who will help them with the cost, what support they will get and where they will live during vacations.

The Who Cares? Trust has made these decisions a bit easier by publishing The H.E Handbook for Care Leavers, which sets out exactly what higher education institutions across England and Scotland offer care-experienced students.

The guide contains information on over 140 institutions, including what outreach work they do, what bursaries and grants are available and what welfare and accommodation support care leavers can expect.

This essential resource is available free of charge and will be updated regularly to ensure it has the best possible information for care leavers.

The handbook is free, but if you would like to make a donation to The Who Cares? Trust to help us continue to support children and young people from care, please do so here.

**NB: PLEASE DO NOT CHECK-OUT USING THE BOX BELOW, but download the H.E. Handbook for free using this link.**

Release date: 2012

Format: Downloadable PDF



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